Restaurant oversigt
Hele landet 91 / 214
Maio Restaurant
Østergade 52 - Illum Roof Top Terrace
1100 København K
  Søg & Køb billet   DINING WEEK 2018 MENU
3 RETTER 215 kr.
+billetgebyr 25 kr.
inkl. S. Pellegrino mineralvand

Polenta “Taragna”, Taleggio cheese and truffle fondue and spinach.
Polenta “Taragna”, Taleggio ost - trøffel fondue og spinat


Safran risotto med ossobuco og “Gremolada” sovs
Saffron risotto with ossobuco and “Gremolada” sauce


“Sbrisolona” kage med chokolade ganache og marsala creme
“Sbrisolona” cake with choccolate ganache and marsala cream


Maio Restaurant is located in one of the most exclusive locations in Copenhagen, at the city centre on the rooftop of Illum. With a cozy and refined ambient, Maio restaurant offers the very best of gourmet and authentic Italian cuisine. Coming to Maio restaurant, you will experience a great range of different taste – each selected from different regions in Italy. Fresh ingredients from certified producers are delivered every day, and all the dishes are prepared according traditional recipes with an impeccable twist, elevating even the most simple dish - both in looks and taste.

The restaurant shows a cozy and refined ambient with different vibes, such as: show cooking area, glasshouse, outdoor terrace, lounge bar with a fireplace; adequate to offer different types of services from brunch to fine dining.

They offer a supreme range of Italian wines carefully selected by their own sommelier. If you wish wine pairing, their waiters are ready to give you an exquisite experience.